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Credit History

Even better, you can request the removal of mortgage insurance when the LTV reaches The only way to get out of FHA mortgage insurance is to refinance your loan. Because the Home Possible loan programs are designed for low to moderate-income borrowers, income limits apply.

Freddie Mac Home Possible

To be eligible for either mortgage program, your income cannot exceed the Area Median Income AMI where the property is located. There are a few exceptions to the income limit guidelines. In more expensive areas, higher incomes are allowed. The easiest way to determine your local income limits and property eligibility e.

Given the income limits stipulated in the Home Possible guidelines, all borrower income must be documented, from all validated sources, even a salesperson's commission, even if it's not needed to qualify. Freddie Mac guidelines also require stable monthly income for all borrowers who sign the mortgage note not merely household income.

Stable means a 2-year income history that is reasonably expected to continue. Many mortgage programs require that some of the down payment funds come from the borrower.

Introducing High Balance Anywhere

You read that right: no out-of-pocket funds have to come from you. Be sure that any funds you use, gifted or from your accounts, are traceable. Meaning, you're not going to be able to use the money you've been storing in a jar, buried in your backyard. Funds need to have a traceable history from the source e. Home Possible mortgages follow the same conforming loan limit guidelines used for all conventional mortgage programs. All borrowers who sign the mortgage must occupy the home, and it must be their primary residence, not a second home or investment property. The minimum FICO score required for these programs varies by lender.

Conventional loans typically require a score of or better. However, the Home Possible programs are generally available with a minimum credit score of DTI provides a measure for underwriters to determine the maximum loan amount for which you qualify.

For nearly every type of property, borrowers do not have to use their personal funds for any portion of the down payment. The most common type of property people buy are one-unit, single family homes; those properties allow gifted funds.

Freddie Mac Fixed and Floating Rate Apartment Loans

However, multi-unit properties have a few rules. The money that remains in your bank account, after completing a home purchase or refinance, is called reserves. The reserve requirements for Home Possible, by property type, are:. Home Possible Advantage is a similar, though slightly more restrictive, mortgage program. But, it can only be used for one-unit properties.

Applying for a loan is straightforward. Most of them will be available in a digital format, as PDF files, that you can send to your loan advisor or upload to the online application form they provide. However, you cannot have simultaneous ownership interest in another property.


Premiums get added to your monthly mortgage payment and go away when the LTV reaches Neither program supports cash-out refinances. These programs may only be used for home purchases. That depends on how fast you put together your pre-qualification documents and take the homeownership education course. If you get those two things out of the way before you apply, you can expect to close in 20 to 30 days under normal market conditions. Hot markets may affect how fast other parties to the transaction can get things done, like getting the property appraised. Home Possible can be used for condos, townhomes and multi-unit properties.

While very similar, each program is slightly different. As a result, our website will be unavailable.

Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans - Apartment Loans and Financing

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You should review those polices before you provide any of your personal or confidential information. Log in to My Account.

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freddie mac ltv matrix high balance Freddie mac ltv matrix high balance
freddie mac ltv matrix high balance Freddie mac ltv matrix high balance
freddie mac ltv matrix high balance Freddie mac ltv matrix high balance
freddie mac ltv matrix high balance Freddie mac ltv matrix high balance
freddie mac ltv matrix high balance Freddie mac ltv matrix high balance

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