Ireb iphone 3g 4.2.1 mac

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But there stands that it is for 3. When will iREB available for mac?

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I need the version that i can downgrade my iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. First, I enter recovery mode on my iphone and then restore at itune but it shown up error then i edit my hosts file to fixed this problem and try to restore again in recovery mode and new error appear which is error I solved this error by enter DFU mode and again.. I search this error at Google and get the solution which can be solved by running iReb.

Fix 1604, 1601, 1600, 16xx iTunes Error iOS 4.2.1 Restore Custom Firmware

But after I downloaded the iReb and run it as shown at the top, same error pop out again which is error I already tried many ways but the result is still the same failed. Anyone can help me to solve this problem? Whoever did that program, I love you!!! I just wanna thank you guys so much.

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  5. After I used iReb to get past the iTunes errors, I installed the custom jailbreak. Then I got stuck in a recovery loop. I am now running Whited00r 6!

    Fix , , , 16xx iTunes Error iOS Restore Custom Firmware

    Hi there my Itouch 4g is stuck on the recovery loop my touch has been jailbroken. Forgive me for not really understanding but what is it that i do from that point? I have a 4s iphone stuck at the itunes plug in after I tried to do an update. Anything I can do about this? The irebr5 is for the 4 iphone I have the 4s.

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    Stupidly updated OTA to ios 6. Make sure your internet is connected and try again. I have altered the hosts file; looked at internet and firewall configs and basically prayed to every being there is — PLEASE can you help. How to upgrade my iPhone 5. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Reply Link.

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    Godfred30 February 24, , pm. Kaizoku February 25, , am. Why need this? I did not get any error restoring using pwnagetool 4. Godfred30 February 25, , am. NaeeMoV February 24, , pm.

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      ireb for mac free

      P3rf3ctvo1d January 1, , am. HI all, Can any1 help me with bellow issue …? Mykey January 23, , am. Henry March 17, , pm. After saving SHSH, use sn0wbreeze 2. I made a custom 4. After some minutes working fine,even made some calls, my iphone entered DFU mode. I used redsn0w 0. Need helpI appreciate in advance. Hi there and Happy New Year. I need your help in bringing my iphone 3g back to life would really appreciate if u could spare some time in doing that.

      I had bought a refurbished iphone 3g from hong kong last year with ios 3. I updated it to 4. Well the problem is i dropped the phone few weeks back and got sound problems and went to an expert, he put a new flex cable headphone jack,volume control, on-off control and made a restore with itunes and jailbreak with updating the baseband to 6. From then it had real problems. I have tried almost everything viewwd almost every video on this on youtube and downloaded every software like redsnow,snowbreeze,tinyumbrella,ireb,iphuc,limera1n,recboot etc. Tried many methods to get the phone working.

      By all these methods i am now stuck on recovery mode on ios 4. I have tried to restore to all firmwires i have downloaded in the process, none of them would work.

      Some would not work with message— not compatible, some would bring error23 with my iphone screen on white screen. I have also read somewhere that its baseband issue and cannot be fixed, some say open up battery and reinsert it after full drain and restore to 4.

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      Mode, so i disconnected it from the PC, but it got stuck in recovery mode after that, iTunes said that my iphone was on recovery mode and had to restore it, after processing the update file, my iphone is now updating. March February RSS Feed. Author Write something about yourself.

      No need to be fancy, just an overview.

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