Vagrant could not detect virtualbox mac

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To overcome some of the disadvantages above lets try to setup our lab environment by using Vagrant and VirtualBox.

I type vagrant up,but it display 'Vagrant could not detect VirtualBox' | Treehouse Community

Before we start you should download the tarball with configurations files from here. Bellow is the main config file Vagrantfile. Vagrantfile is really a ruby file or more specifically a Ruby DSL. The outer block creates the main configuration object. This represent the version number we want out config object to work with.

This is mainly done for backwards compatibility between recent versions of Vagrant and older ones. If you are not sure about it, just leave it as is. More about where this box comes from later in the tutorial.

How to Set up Virtual Box and Vagrant on Windows

Here we create provider specific config block. In our case we ask that if machines are being run with VirtualBox provider, then each machine should receive 2 vCPUs by default. Each provider expose different set of options, so provider specific settings needs to be in separate blocks. Network config is something that gets special treatment in Vagrant.

While it is possible to configure Network via the provider block configuration, Vagrant tries to abstract as much as possible of the usually tedious network configuration into few high level settings. Choosing static IPs could mean collisions with local networks at home or work. Hostmanager config namespace is not a part of core Vagrant install.

It is added by using the Hostmanager Vagrant plugin. This plugin allows a dynamic edit of host file on host and guest machines. It allows us to skip hardcoding IPs into our configuration and to work with hostnames instead of IPs. So later on when actually working with Nagios I can refer to server as nagios-server instead of its IP.

Use SSH to Get Inside of the VM

These are two blocks doing the same thing — defining a virtual machine. First line of each block defines machine hostname.

  • Connecting Directly via Port-Forwarding;
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Second line of each block defines a synced folder between host and guest machine. These are the folder of Nagios configurations which will allow us to quickly reconfigure Nagios server and Nagios client without the need to SSH into the machine. Third line of the first block defines a port forwarding.

Last line of each block describes what provisioner we want to use. In our case we would use the simple shell provisioner. Vagrant will copy the files specified in path and execute them after machine is up and running. I will not review them in this tutorial. Vagrant CLI is quiet straightforward. To see the list of all the common commands type the following in your terminal: vagrant --help Sample outputs:. Common commands: box manages boxes: installation, removal, etc. The commands above effects the states of the virtual machines and the general flow can be described in the following diagram: Fig.

Vagrant commands are executed on all machines in the environment. If we wanted to create only one of them, we could do vagrant up server and only the server virtual machine would be initialized by vagrant. The whole process took between 10 and 15 minutes on my computer including downloading of the base box.

How To Use Vagrant with Libvirt on Linux

First of all, lets make sure our machines are really up using vagrant status command:. The VMs are all listed above with their current state. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

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Vagrant could not detect VirtualBox

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How to use Vagrant with Parallels Desktop

Latest Posts. The --provider flag on a vagrant up is chosen above all else, if it is present. Vagrant will go through all of the config. It will choose the first provider that is usable. For example, if you configure Hyper-V, it will never be chosen on Mac this way. It must be both configured and usable. Vagrant will go through all installed provider plugins including the ones that come with Vagrant , and find the first plugin that reports it is usable.

There is a priority system here: systems that are known better have a higher priority than systems that are worse. For example, if you have the VMware provider installed, it will always take priority over VirtualBox. Using this method, there are very few cases that Vagrant does not find the correct provider for you.

  • I type vagrant up,but it display 'Vagrant could not detect VirtualBox'.
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This also allows each Vagrantfile to define what providers the development environment is made for by ordering provider configurations.

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