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Some find that it can't establish a connection for example while others find that folders and photos are either not synced properly or missing. However, version 2. Samsung Kies is a useful tool for any Mac user with Samsung Android devices although you may experience bugs or connection issues with some devices. Looses all photo dates when you try to transfer phones - ouch!. I didn't finish using it because when i tried a couple years ago, it hi jacked all the photo dates and made them the exact date and time that I was USING IT!

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It lost the creation dates of a little over photos taken over many months, ouch! I needed those photos with their dates.

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I don't know if other carriers have that equipment, it took a long time to transfer my stuff too. And, Visual voice mail didn't work. I don't know too much about that transfer either because I abandoned the replacement phone this whole review is w. Solution of course would be to get an iPhone. Very bad! Collapse my pc! Samsung is a vey good phone but Kies is terible!!! Con s: I feel annoyed, I cannot synchronize my Samsung phone and my Mac computer!. IT of Samsung should focus on repairing than selling More.

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Very poor. Very poor performance. Crashes when attempting to synchronise with iCal. Cannot back up calendar so for me a useless piece o f kit. A very poor, unrealiable program.. More often than not, my S3 is not detected by my Mac. It also tends to hang.

This is a very po or program. If I knew it would be this bad, I never would have bought a Samsung phone. Reliability, speed. For Mac owners who also uses Samsung smartphones. It is great for files transfer - completely hassle-free and fast.

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You need wifi though. With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready. To start the journey with Opera. Like many phones programs it allows you to connect your phone to your PC and share files, contacts, etc. Unfortunately, it has a few issues. Let me put something straight — it does connect.

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Kies does include a troubleshooting option but this seems to just re-install the driver. And its this kind of frustration that means that people re-consider their buying choices next time around. Another nice piece of coding from Samsung.

Yeah, Kies is rubbish at connecting. The only way I managed to get the last two updates to install were by reinstalling Kies as above, and running it as administrator. Maybe something in that info will help you a teesy bit. But it only seems to be USB phones and serial port converters that ever hav this problem — they only ever connect once through any given port.

Somehow external hard drives work perfectly every time. So there is something about phones in particular…. I think the issue is more to do with the Kies software than the actual USB connection. If my laptop can recognize my Galaxy S2 drives and can copy files off it, there has to be a BIG problem in Kies to not get it right.

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Samsung…please note. That really is unforgivable. I have a Galaxy S2 upgrade history 2. Have wasted 2 full days trying to get it to work. The second time I tried to use it, it crashes. The same problem with using Kies on a Lenovo laptop. Is it possible to install and run Kies from an external hard drive? Contrast this to even the old and ancient Palm HotSYnc. If Palm could get it right 6 years ago, I fail to understand why a behemoth like Samsung cant get it right.

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I am very happy with my Galaxy S2 but at complete grief with syncing. This is very wrong of Samsung and reduces confidence in all its products. I cannot believe the number of people that are having problems with connecting to Samsung Kies to get the upgrade to ICS. I will be voting with my wallet in the future and steering well clear of the Samsung S3 or any other Samsung product. Hi Guys. I have an S3 its first update is out now to fix the home screen redraw issue. Kies just simply fails everytime to download the update.

The OTA update is non functioning. This assumes you have a pc and broadband connection. I now wish I had stuck with HTC. Kies is written in.

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It originally targetted the. Net 2 framework and has been upgraded to target. Net 4. But very badly upgraded. Anyhow, the way to get kies to actually stay on my screen is to edit the config file. On my machine 64 bit win 7 this is at C: Stop Kiestrayagent using Task manager right click the task bar and choose task manager.

Then start Kies, and I can sync. To do that I used an old xp machine.

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Or you can use Odin. Google instructions and read them carefully because Odin has the power to do anything, including brick your phone. Perfectly safe if you follow the instructions. I had tried uninstalling and re-installing the Kies for Mac but am still not able to sync them.. Am very tempt to change my phone back to Apple when iphone5 launch… Android is not as user friendly as Apple though..

Hi, I am using Kies Air, it does sync perfectly.

kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac
kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac
kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac
kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac
kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac
kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac Kies via wifi galaxy s2 mac

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