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Teach your shell new tricks Authored by: nachobel on Oct 06, '03 PM. Couldn't initialize audio codec! Video: no video!!! Start playing MPlayer interrupted by signal 10 in module: unknown I assume mplayer crashed because it couldn't find the audio codec.

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Curious as to why this is as WMP seems to handle the file just fine, does this have to do with the divx encoding? I received a hint submission that really belongs here as a comment, so here it is.

The original submitter was a anonymous, and b not a native English speaker, so I've tried to clarify it a bit; any mistakes in editing are mine, not those of the original submitter. If you go to its menu and open the open the Preferences, you see in Miscellaneous Settings an Additional Parameters field.

How to Convert WMA to WAV with A Few Clicks

In few seconds, the audilump. Again, my apologies if I tweaked anything while re-writing I pieced together a script that works beautifully for me at least on panther. You'll need mplayer and lame in your PATH. I had some issues with changed options to mplayer and lame.

Here is an updated version:! I have not troubleshooted this further yet. WMA --aout file This will create a file called audiofile.

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I think you need to quit VLC manually after it's done. I'm trying to avoid asking my Son for help, so please bear with me. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. This is something that I have not experienced but it is important to note that observation. However, in case of troubles in using with Switch, then it is recommended that you used a different software from the available list. This free audio converter for Mac service is online based.

This software converts the common formats of audio that are not larger than MB. In order to perform the conversion, the user uploads the original audio file, select the anticipated output format, and wait for an email that contains a link to the converted file. The main issue with FileZigZag is that it takes a lot of time to upload the file and obtain the link via an email. Though, many audio files come in a small size even large tracks of music. However, it is not robust as an enthusiastic file converter software.

This software is appropriate for those users who like skipping the download-and-install procedure since the file conversion is done online.

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FileZigZag is an outstanding online file converter and it is faster than other free audio converter for Mac. Despite the fact that there is other software that is similar to this one, FileZigZag has proved to be faster as compared to other available programs.

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It is not easy to use FileZigZag. The email from FileZigZag will be sent with a link to the converted file.

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Thus, the other software should be tried. This is a free audio converter for Mac program that is very easy to use and it functions without confusing interfaces and advanced options. This program is simple to use. Download for Mac. Alpha Omega. Similar Photos Cleaner.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Convert MP3 to WAV on Mac

Ultra Character Map. Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past. Anomaly Warzone Earth. Microsoft OneNote. Extreme Landings Pro. Your review for EasyWMA -.

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