Mac change mac address permanently

Change a MAC Address in Windows

This article has also been viewed 38, times. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: August 8, Learn more Set the device down to avoid problems. Type: ip link set dev xxxx down where xxxx is the name of device you want to set down, so for example: ip link set dev wlan0 down. Change your MAC address. Write into terminal this: ip link set dev xxxx address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx where xxxx is the device and xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is your new MAC address, so it will looks for example like: ip link set dev wlan0 address db:9f:d Set up your device so type: ip link set dev xxxx up, where xxxx is the name of your device.

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Why You Might Want to Change MAC Address

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Why change a MAC address?

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permanent change of MAC address in Mac OS X

Basically, the title says all. I've tried using "sudo ifconfig en0 ether ", but changing the MAC address in this way is not permanent: after a reboot, it will revert to the MAC address physically stored in the card. So, is there a way to change it once and for all? Mar 26, 8, West Suburban Boston Ma. The original address is hard encoded in the hardware. Any changes will be temporary and there's no way to do it permanently short of munging around with the hardware.

Feb 28, 2, I suppose you could put the desired MAC address in one of the launchd config files somehow, that way it would be changed at boot time. Caveat, I haven't learned launchd, only have been familiar with rc. Apple sure doesn't seem to like supporting MAC address changes, you can't do this on Airport base stations either. Yeah, i need an ifconfig line to automatically change my MAC on boot.

But how this can be done? Drewbie macrumors member.

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Aug 27, 59 0. Mar 23, 28 0. I believe that you can't permantly chage any MAC address on any piece of hardware that has a nic interface. The system was designed this way to eliminate the possibility of 2 pieces of equipment from having the same MAC address. Last edited: Apr 6, I found these instructions. Will they work and is it safe to use them? Could you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post. Spoofing is especially helpful for those who print coupons on the web, since most of the vendors use a system from Fox as in Fox News that requires the installation of some software, and then use Java to keep you from saving the file as PDF, and log your MAC address to prevent you from printing more than two coupons.

I read all of the above.. Code below. Airport must be on but disassociated as explained in previous posts. Ethernet works while you are on or offline, though if online, you will lose connection since your network settings have changed. For clarification, the first 2 commands show the preset MAC addresses I obviously censored mine, but you get the idea. Next I spoof the adresses and confirm it worked as I go. First is the ethernet en0 and then airport en1.

How to change MAC address(Mac spoofing) - 2018

The MAC address is your machines physical address, whereas your IP address is the address of your computer on a network. WiFi usually off, but sometimes on.

The cable ISP provides dynamic public IP, yet does not change it after rebooting Mac, rebooting router, resetting router or even unplugging router. I know that the public IP can be changed transforming the above cable-router into a cable-modem and then adding a neutral router, but what I am looking for is a way of changing the public IP using the Cisco EPC alone.

Of course you can also spoof your MAC address rather easily in Mac OS X if you want to use one of the generated addresses for that purpose […]. My notebook has a Atheros arX wireless card. I can not change the mac address successfully. I think the reason is the airport driver for arX. Snow Leopard gain the mac address from the firmware on the card via airport driver. So I think, if you cannot change your airport mac address , you maybe other drive for you wireless card. I am having an issue with QuarkXpress 7.

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From all the research I have done, the program crashes due to the firewire and its mac address. Is there a way to disable the firewire or to change its mac address.

If so, please let me know. Thank you. I used the sudo ifconfig en1 ether e2:e3:e4:e5:e6 command in the terminal and when I check it with ifconfig en1 grep ether I see the spoofed MAC address. However, when I go into my system preferences, go to airport advanced settings I still see my original MAC address listed under the ethernet tab. I try MacSpoofer on Any ideas? Hi, just have tried your MacSpoofer to change MAC address, and in fact it changes, but then, Wifi refuses to get same local IP address as before of making the change, so I am not able to connect to internet unless if reboot the system.

Also, how can I contact you at your website? I am on If this does not work, go to the Airport icon, click join other network and type in some random SSID. It will say Connection failed and you are not connected. With reboots. Note that after reboot that these steps will have to repeated. Go back. So I tried AirportClown there is a newer version than via your link and it says it worked. Indeed, if in a terminal window I do: ifconfig en1 grep ether then I also see that it worked.


How To Permanently Change The MAC Address On Linux

Thank you so much for this helpful tip! I had to use this when I moved my modem from my old computer to my new computer. For some reason, my modem would only work with my old computer..

mac change mac address permanently Mac change mac address permanently
mac change mac address permanently Mac change mac address permanently
mac change mac address permanently Mac change mac address permanently
mac change mac address permanently Mac change mac address permanently
mac change mac address permanently Mac change mac address permanently

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