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Hello, We use in-product notifications to share several types of information with our customers. First, and most importantly, we share information about product updates which are generally related to compatibility with OS X, new features and product enhancements. Second, we occasionally share special offers from Parallels or other third party companies who provide special deals for our customers.

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Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Standard Verified Purchase. I have been pretty happy with the software even though I have only had it for just over a month. What is unforgivable is there short sighted upgrade Policy.

Parallels Toolbox for Mac version 2.5 Review

A 21 day window is ridiculously short. I registered my copy on No incremental costs, No Options. I would be peeved but not indignant if they even offered 30 days. This is just poor customer relations. Intel Iris Pro MB. I'm glad I finally broke down and bought as well as Windows 7. Both have enable me to go back to my windows environment and run programs like Excel and MS Word, plus my Serif Draw Plus program as well as a lot of others. I was a able to load and run my old copy of Office , a 32 bit version in Windows 7 a 64 bit Prog.

I don't know if it is a result of Parallels being resident on my iMac or not since it also does the same thing when I print out when I'm operating under my OS X Once I sort this out I will come back with an update.

Parallels Desktop

One person found this helpful. Complete waste of money Could never get the program to work, despite consulting the website on numerous occasions for support. I tried both methods of transfer: I also tried transfer via an external storage device. Somewhat better results, here--the transfer would proceed, but I would get down to 30 minutes remaining and the program would fail to complete.

Tried to consult on-line support As a matter of fact, NONE of the links for support or contact would work--I would receive an error message stating that the page had moved or was unavailable. I'll be trying some other product. We have 6 people in our organization running Parallels on their Macs.

Parallels Desktop (for Mac)

In general, we love Parallels. We bought Parallels 10 for our newest employee and he's had nothing but problems. Virtual machines will frequently freeze and can't be stopped, terminated, or salvaged. Parallels support was no help in the matter only saying - "we hope this is fixed in a future patch". Get Parallels 9 for a more stable experience.

A long time VMware Fusion user tries Parallels Desktop 14 - 9to5Mac

Please email us directly at cs parallels. This was an unwise purchase. Maybe I just lack common sense how to follow instructions. Box contains only a single sheet paper with advertisement on it and has a tape with a code on the box and contents have no instructions how to download product. The instructions direct you to their web page and there the only option given is to make a new purchase for an upgrade or to purchase the product again! I called customer service and learned there is no custody service.

I also mentioned Microsoft Ink.

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While it is supported it in version 13, version 14 is enhancing it even further. Microsoft has announced that pressure sensitivity is coming in Office , and version 14 will support that as well.

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It works in all Windows applications that use pressure data from a stylus. Pressure sensitivity will also work in Photoshop and Illustrator. While Parallels Desktop 13 supported over , Windows applications, version 14 has continued to add more. Release 14 changes the way video memory is allocated and also improved Open GL support.

As a result, some applications did not work correctly in version 13, but now do in version I mentioned improved Touch Bar support was added in version Version 14 brings support for even more applications.

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For IT departments who deploy Parallels, the overhauled design Licensing Portal is a great way to simplify management of your users who need to virtualize an OS. Running Windows apps can appear in your macOS dock, for example:. By default, Parallels VMs are in their own windows, but in Coherence mode, the lines are blurred. My Windows apps still look like Windows, but they operate like macOS apps. Personally, I like to think about VMs as being contained islands.

Your mileage will vary based on what computer you have, how much RAM it is equipped with, and more. Parallels comes with a bunch of virtual machine management tools. You can create snapshots of your VM to restore to at a later time if a software update goes poorly. The application comes with Parallels Toolbox, a collection of utilities. Fusion is the big competitor to Parallels, and while it does not require an annual subscription, it lacks some of the polish of its rival. That said, comparing the two applications side by side, there is very little difference in terms of features.

For some users, it may come down to price. VMware is a huge company, owned by Dell. Fusion is just one product in their catalogue, and a few years ago, it was rumored that Fusion may not be long for this world. However, not all of the resources used are Retina quality, leading to blurry icons in places. Worse, the entire system feels slower than Parallels. Even on an iMac Pro, Unity mode will stutter and have to redraw windows instead of smoothly animating them. The convenience of having your one or two must-have Windows apps right next to the data and apps on your Mac is hard to beat.

However, virtualization comes with a price: Most modern Macs have more than enough horsepower for this, but if you want to run Windows on your Mac for gaming, Boot Camp is your best bet. Installing Windows via Boot Camp is pretty straight forward.

parallels desktop for mac reviews Parallels desktop for mac reviews
parallels desktop for mac reviews Parallels desktop for mac reviews
parallels desktop for mac reviews Parallels desktop for mac reviews
parallels desktop for mac reviews Parallels desktop for mac reviews
parallels desktop for mac reviews Parallels desktop for mac reviews

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