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Examining the Camera Raw Tools In Depth

Camera Raw 8. It does not work properly with OS X I found this out the hard way helping a friend who had inadvertently installed CR 8. I searched without success for any explanation of this issue on Adobe's web site. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that pages describing Camera Raw 8 only link to the DNG Converter download.

This may explain why MacUpdate has misnamed the update - because it's mislabeled by Adobe in the first place. What I forgot to mention in the process of posting my first reply to your thread here is that--and I'm going out on a really thin limb here--the DNG Converter installer also contains the updated camera and lens profiles for Camera Raw.

If you use a utility such as Pacifist to view the contents of the downloaded package file, you'll find that it contains four packages though Adobe didn't make it a meta-package : DNG Converter, lens profiles, camera profiles, and a post-flight script. Those camera and lens profiles are accessed by both Camera Raw and DNG Converter, so, while this download may not update any of the code of Camera Raw, it is considered an "update" in that it updates those profiles accessed by Camera Raw.

MacUpdate-Jess: Thanks again.

Adobe Lightroom 3.4 and Camera Raw 6.4 – Final and Free Updates

That's certainly a coherent explanation so I guess I'll join you out on that limb. After wading through pages and pages of Adobe explanations that explain very little, it seems they are providing camera and lens profile updates for CS6, as you suggest, that don't require an update to the Camera Raw plug-in.

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Whereas, the plug-in for Photoshop CC does include enhanced features. Since you and I can explain the matter in one paragraph, it's a wonder Adobe can't do at least as well, given that they actually know, presumably, what they are talking about. Still, this doesn't explain why the DNG Converter has a separate update page, given that it apparently accesses the same file as the link on this page. It's also the case that this nomenclature problem arose long before Adobe split the functionality of Camera Raw 8.

Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended

However, given how unlikely it is that Adobe will explain themselves any better, perhaps you can make note of the profiles only issue on the Camera Raw and DNG Converter pages. Just a thought. Now that I look at it again, another source of confusion is the note that this update is for CC and Photoshop CC and later. Yet it doesn't include the Camera Raw plug-in. Whereas, logically enough, the DNG Converter page does not include these limitations - though it downloads the same file. Curiouser and curiouser. Thanks for trying to explain the mess guys but for a so called world class company this level of confusion caused by Adobe is pathetic.

Sure enough, so far I've ended up with the latest ACR update as well. Example: the DNG 8. What we're getting, which is what Adobe said we'd get, is support for additional cameras—none of the functionality provided to CC users.

Camera Raw Update - Download for PC Free

I'm fine with this. If you don't want DNG Converter, just toss it after installation. The download link is only DNGConverter 8. Not Camera Raw. CC only. More user alienation, guaranteed. The MacUpdate description is incomplete. Neutralzone: That link no longer works. It leads to a description page only - no download link. Jefferson Le Blanc: Link expiration was expected, based on past history.

The link was for the Release Candidate which is always hosted on labs.

I found a download link in an Adobe blog post but like you said it only contains DNG Converter, and I don't know why either. I was about to complain that Adobe had now abandoned Camera Raw support for Photoshop CS6, but then I noticed the links below the requirement specs. What we're getting here is some of the new functionality available in Lightroom 5.

Like most other longtime Adobe customers, I am sickened by Adobe's greed with their Creative Cloud subscription model. The petition against it is over 30, sigs so far Here is the link to the page for those needing a manual download to the latest Camera Raw updater for CS5 or 5. Please change! Please respond. Does anyone know if this resolves the problem we had with importing, with the previous release?

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Will try link direct from Adobe. Much faster at screen rendering than 3. This really annoying Adobe seems to have abandoned those of us who bought CS1 while still supporting those who bought Elements 3. Install the DNG Converter program. Follow the prompts to install the converter program. Select the folder containing the CR2 files you want to convert. Click the "Select Folder" button to browse for the correct folder. If the folder contains other folders with more CR2 files, check the "Include images contained within subfolders" box.

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When you run the converter again to convert newly-added files, you can check the "Skip source image if destination image already exists" box. This will prevent you from converting old files a second time. Select a location to save converted files. By default, the converted files will be put in the same location as the originals. You can choose a different folder if you'd prefer the converted files end up somewhere else. Enter a format for converted file names. You can apply automatic formatting to the converted file names by filling out the text fields. Click the first drop-down menu to select a format for the file name.

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  4. You can then add additional text using the extra fields. For example, you could use the first field to label each file by four digit serial number, and the second to add the date. If you're using older versions of Photoshop, you may need to change the ACR compatibility to match your version. In the "Change Preferences" menu, use the "Compatibility" drop-down menu to select the correct version. See Step 3 in the first section for a list on the version you need to convert to. Click "Convert" to begin converting your CR2 files. This may take a long time if you are converting hundreds of images.

    Once the files have been converted, simply double-click one to open it in the Camera Raw plugin in Adobe Photoshop.

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