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Restoring the home folder volume via Disk Utility:. If you're transferring from another Mac or "clone," this may be your best bet. You can only transfer the entire volume disk or partition this way, though -- you can't omit anything.

Why would you want to do that?

On Lion and later, you cannot do this - - the destination is erased automatically. Depending on the circumstances, you can do this while logged on to either Mac, or, if there are no accounts with home folders available, by starting the new Mac from its Install disc. Copying a home folder via the Finder:. So the volume the home folder is on must be accessible at the same "path. Then click Continue on the warning message that follows.

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  2. Accessing Folders and Files via the OS X Command Line.
  3. Mac OS X Hidden Files & Directories!
  4. Relocated Items.

There are three ways to do that, depending on the particular circumstances. In most cases, you can transfer the Startup volume first with Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant , and the other volume second with one of the procedures below. But if there are no home folders on the Startup volume, and you're using Setup Assistant , you must create an Admin User account, and you won't be able to transfer your data into that account. Worse, the accounts you do transfer may lose permission to their files on other volumes, especially Time Machine backups.

You may be able to do some complex transfers, such as "consolidating" a Mac with two volumes into a single Startup volume on the new Mac, but in most cases it's best to transfer the old Mac's configuration to the new one if at all possible. If there isn't room, see scenario A in the gray box below for some workaround techniques. Make sure everything was moved and is working properly before changing things more than necessary.

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macos - Use one home directory for more than one operating system - Super User

In some cases, you may have to tell OSX that a User account's home folder is in a different place. See the blue box below.

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  4. What Are Permissions, and What Does Repairing Them Do?.
  5. Is it still common practice to move home folder from boot SSD?.

In many cases, that's the best way. See the green box below. See the pink box. See the tan box. There are too many combinations of setups, etc. But see the gray box below for outlines of two common ones. The information here should allow you to figure out how to do what you want.

Keeping Mac OS and data on separate drives

If not, post a thread, containing details of what setup you want to transfer from, and how you want the new Mac set up, in the appropriate Apple Discussions forum:. But just in case you find yourself needing to deal with them, here's a quick summary of what they're for. These files are created on volumes that don't natively support full HFS file characteristics e. These files are, of course, invisible as far as OS-X is concerned, but not to other OS's; this can sometimes be annoying This file in created by the Finder to keep track of folder view options, icon positions, and other visual information about folders.

A separate.

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  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Home Folder!
  4. How to Move a Home Directory to Another Location on a Mac;

Used to store metadata indexes and indexing rules for Spotlight version 1. Only created under Mac OS X On volumes other than the boot volume , a. Since each user has their own personal trash can, subfolders are created under. Trashes for different users, named according to their user ID number. Permissions on this folder are set so that you can only access a trash can if you can guess the users' ID -- that is, you cannot view a list of which users actually have trash cans in existance. This contains a list of files for the Finder to hide -- it's one of three ways a file can be made invisible in OS X.

This file is semi-obsolete -- i. Used to track commonly-used small files so their position on disk can be optimized a process called "adaptive hot file clustering". This pseudo-directory is used to access files by their ID number aka inode number rather than by name. Used to handle "quasi-static" mounts of network volumes under OS X Under most unixes, if a network volume is statically mounted on a client, it's mounted somewhere in the file system, so it looks shows up like a normal directory.

Under OS X

mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk
mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk
mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk
mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk
mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk
mac os x home directory different disk Mac os x home directory different disk

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